Stanford University

Shriram Friday Seminar

The Shriram Friday Seminar is a seminar series that features PhD students and postdocs from the scientific community located in the basement of the Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering. The goal of this seminar is to connect people in the basement of Shriram and beyond to foster collaboration and allow knowledge transfer and interaction between groups at Stanford.

Vision talks: In the winter of 1969, Richard Feynman gave a talk called "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom" at Caltech. In this talk, Feynman predicted nanotechnology 20 years before nanotechnology was a thing using no more than chalk, his imagination, and a receptive audience. Following this example, the Shriram Vision talk series offers a space for professors to give their vision, share their ideas and offer their wild speculations about the next exciting and revolutionary developments in science.

Time: Every Friday @ 3:30 pm.

Audience: The seminar series is open to the entire Stanford community

Organizers: Mike Burroughs ( and Magnus Bauer (